Click on our names to see how we serve City-o-Clay various ways and to see where we’re Moderator or Owner of the following CITY lists.

All volunteers are part of CITY-Leaders and get the same orientation.

CITY-o-Clay Co-Owners


Nora-Jean Stone,

lead rabble rouser


kathsmallBonsaiKathy is baaaaack. After making a move to another state lock stock and barrel, chilling with her grown daughter and feeling much more relaxed BonsaiKathy returns to COC as Co-Owner.

CITY-o-Clay Moderators In alpha order:

Pirate MaelindeDebbie Gill
Julie-cocmJulieS – Hostess of the Swaps.
Luny-cocmMichelle Holley, aka Luny – She’s Back! 01-04-11
Staci-cocmStaci Morgan , Coming back a step at a time, not driving big rig but being a grandma!
On Hiatus or otherwise preoccupied.
Edie-cocmEdie Evans: Newbie Box and Donations, taking up the torch from CherylD.
Peggy-cocmPeggy Mod in Training.
Peabody sculpt of me 005Cheryl Day, had been administering Donations, Newbie Box and Newbie Box Swaps and is now on haiatus.
Kay-cocmKay  Karin Ashdown in South Africa 

Former COC Moderators:

Denise Standifer, Librarian for Books and Videos

Razma, helped CherylD on Newbie Box Swaps

Sally Sotelo

Zan in Austin, TX

Kathy Leah

Eva Buchala,

Kat Indianapolis, IN, 

Shannon Williams

Connie Utter

Michele/Frogger, who was our librarian for a long time. Now helping with CITY-MiniScenery

AZKathy, who created the DemoNotes, thank you for everything!

Katie, who gave COCModSquad a valiant effort.

Moderators Emeritus when the list used to be MSATClayArt: 

Linda Bohrn

Teri Persing,

Michelle Holley, Spiritual Support for Lead Moderator. Now helping with COC Newbie Box Swaps.

Melani Litwack, Queen of Chat, Canadian Coordinator

Peggy O’Neill, Lending Library Volunteer

Dar Beck, Lending Library Volunteer

Barbara Shepherd, Initiator of Newbie Boxes, Lending Library and Donations. Moderator, tutorials and great woman. 

Bev Robertson, Moderator, one of our first. 

And to all the other volunteers and contributors who wish to remain anonymous, thank you.